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Session Reports

Session Report 18th August 2011


The night was a quiet one with only about 12 people turning up, but still enough people for a couple of games going on at the same time. The night stated off with Susan and myself showing a group of 7 I think how to play Bohnanza, Susan played and I gave advice to the group to start them off, report from Susan or anyone else involved in the game when I get it.


After showing those playing Bohnanza how to play it Fran and myself started a game Clans with a late arrival, Edward. After briefly explaining the rules to Edward, the game started off in the usual way with Clans in that nobody really had any plans or new what they were doing to start off. Green, black and blue took an early lead, leaving yellow and red behind; I then tried to slowly eliminate black and green but my moves were to obvious and Fran and Edward guessed I was blue and started eliminating blue. Red and yellow, which I thought were neutral, caught up and took the lead along with green and then black leaving blue (me) in last place. I still thought Fran was green and Edward black, which was a big mistake on my part because Fran was yellow and Edward was Red. Fran surged ahead unhindered because no one thought she was yellow, green was in second (which is why I thought Fran as green), Edward had managed to push red into third, fourth was black (neutral) and blue (me) last.


As the other group had gone into a second game of Bohnanza, Fran, Edward and myself decided to stick together and played a game of Alhambra. I started the game slowly, taking more money than tiles; Fran and Edward both took more tiles that money. At the first scoring phase Edward had about 15 points, Fran 8 and me 4. During the second phase I gathered a lot of tiles but had problems putting them into my Alhambra, I had several stuck in reserve. Edward also had a lot of tiles and had a nice looking Alhambra with great a long wall; I was thinking it would be hard to catch him. Fran was also having problems with her Alhambra and was collecting more money than tiles. At the second scoring phase Edward was still in the lead with about 45, I was in second with about 35 and Fran had slipped to third with about 25. During the third phase I managed to sort my Alhambra out with some swooping around with the tiles I had in reserve, I also ended up with no tiles in the reserve. Edward was still going along nicely Towards the end of the game I started to count the tiles in each type and tried to made sure I picked up the last ones of each type, especially when it put me in front or at least tied with Edward on the number of tiles for that group, I also had a decent amount of money left because I was able to buy with correct money thus giving me another go enabling me to pick up money at same time as buying a tile. At the game end I was able to collect two of the remaining three tiles because I had more money. Final scores was me about 125, Edward about 105 and Fran about 75.


Whilst we were playing Alhambra the Bohnanza group had finished and split up, three started a game Plunder, a rather unusual game based around a pirates. The rules are complex but once you understand them the game is easy to play, I’ll maybe do a review of this unusual game sometime. If any of those that played the game would like comment on it saying how the game went, then send us an email and I’ll add it to the report.


All those that were left of the bohnanza group started a game of Settlers and although I do not have details of how the game went, I did catch the end and it looked like an easy win for Mat although looking at the board I’m not sure how because he had a tuff position in terms of resources around him, I assume he must have trade well. Mike P was closest to Mat, in second place on about 7 or 8 points. If those involved in the game would like to comment on it saying how the game went, then send us an email and I’ll add it to the report.


That’s all for this report, see you next time.


Barry Townsend